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Ämne: Article on Stefan Ishizaki and AIK!

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    Apr 2014

    Article on Stefan Ishizaki and AIK!

    Hey all!

    Sorry for the English. "Ishi längtar hem till AIK" is still the only thing I know in Swedish.

    A couple months ago I was working on an article about Stefan Ishizaki and AIK. A bunch of you on the forum helped, and I promised I'd return when the article was published somewhere.

    Well, it's finally up! I managed to talk to Ishizaki quite a bit, and even asked him what he thought about the chant. Thanks for your help! You made an AIK fan in the process :)

    The article's called STEFAN ISHIZAKI WON'T GO HOME.

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    May 2010
    Thank you! Great article, and funny as well.. :) Cool thing that Ishi only heard "his" chant once since coming to LA... It still means that We Are Everywhere!

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    Oct 2010
    Thank you for the lesson in the English language :P of course I know it should have been relegation. Don't know what I was thinking. :) great article though.

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    Apr 2014
    Oh I didn't mean it to come across as correcting you! I thought it helped build suspense :)

    Your English is so much better than my Swedish it's not even funny. I'm trying right now to figure out which of these buttons means "post" (it's usually skicka but that's not an option right now?!)

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    RailTown Gnagare UK
    Mar 2014
    Crewe UK
    Great article Andrew! A player i've heard the name of, but knew little about.. Thanks for the insight!
    Your English is better than mine and i am English!! HAHA
    Tip for translation - In the blue bar at the bottom of the page change board language to English(US).
    Posts still in Swedish but all tabs etc become English, has helped me no end to navigate the forums as i speak no Swedish at ALL except Ah-ee-kwa!!

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    Apr 2014
    Wow I wish I'd known about that language setting, say, two months ago! XD Glad you enjoyed the article! Today for the first time I'm thinking about what my next big one should be...

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